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January 2015:

Construction of the new Cigar Bar is nearly complete. The committee heading up the project would like the help of members to add the finishing touches. The theme of the room is “a tribute to the working people of Woburn & our past Elk members.” We are looking for photos of city workers, public servants, shop owners, factory and mill workers and Elk members at Elk events. The cigar bar committee would like to have these photos displayed for the first cigar event at the end of January. If you have any photos that you would like us to use, please reach out to Rob Manzella at rmanzella04@gmail.com or bring them to the next meeting. We can make digital copies of the photos and return them to you.

We are hoping the new Cigar Bar in the old pool room will be enjoyed by our members who indulge in the occasional cigar as well as attracting new members who do not currently have a place to go for a good cigar and drink.

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